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By Austin D. Drewyer D.D.S
March 10, 2011
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The future of dentistry is in good hands! How can I be so sure? I have just completed several hours of conversation with Senior students at the Maryland Dental School. Each year I offer a course titled "Transforming What it Means to be a Dentist in the 21st Century." During our time together, we consider the power behind our intentions, our values and the choices we make from each seat. Using Ancient Wisdom traditions as our resource, and good ole Mother Nature as our guide, together we explore practiced ways of being and doing for the sake of all those under our care; especially when it comes to our skills in minimizing the troubles, the stuck places, the hurdles in our partnerships.

I am always energized by the fresh passion these young professionals-to-be bring to our dialogue. I receive their gift of deep listening, and relish their challenges and discoveries as they investigate and consider how life may show up when they give themselves and another permission to be beginners; and when they uncover the stories that were not quite big enough to allow for more possibilities in life's relations, choosing instead to operate from stories 'big enough to live in;' and as they do the challenging work to identify values that guide them in each domain of their lives, in order to potentially lessen any confusion between some of the many roles (Dr./spouse/parent/neighbor) they embody now and into the future.

The Maryland Dental School is an amazing place where high-tech and innovation meet smack dab up against a group of brilliant young people with huge hearts. You folks out there will meet up with these students as they become your dentists, your neighbors or perhaps just the person next to you in rush hour. When you do, I can confidently tell you that they are folks who care deeply about doing the right thing and have studied and practiced diligently, learning to provide skillful care and support for your future wellness.