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By Austin D. Drewyer D.D.S
April 09, 2011
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No wonder that Pete Townsend and Roger Daltrey got it, as they penned the lyrics for “Bargain” (Who’s Next).  Symbiosis, and more appropriately, mutualism, the inter-are/inter-being we have with each other that, when recognized, allows for our full actualization, the full realization of our “self” in the reflection of an other.  Recently I viewed the Academy Award Winning movie, The King’s Speech.  Initially, the client allows the therapist only the “mechanical.”  Certainly, some success is realized through this level of partnership.  However, it is only when the bodymindspirit is touched, the deeper depths of the relationship probed, does the client receive a comprehensive and ultimately effective therapy.  The therapist, on the other hand, has exemplary elocution skills and those skills alone do not allow for his full manifestation of self.  As example, he doesn’t get the part in his play audition, and never has gotten the elusive “major role.” However, when the student appears, as the WWI soldiers coming back to Australia were referenced in the movie, the therapist recognizes his self-actualization.  He was realizing his “completeness”, if you will, in partnership with the shell-shocked veterans responding to his support.  Similarly, when the client recognizes that he has a choice over his history dictating who he is and how he is showing up in the world, or waking up to new ways of being and doing and leaving his-story behind, he knows himself perhaps most deeply for the first time.