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By Austin D. Drewyer D.D.S
November 24, 2015
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Getting “comfortably numb” – a goal for you, a goal for me. Getting to comfortably numb, not one of your favorite things. The idea of being needle phobic, well, hey, I don’t like ‘em either. The thing is, with the gauge (thinness) and sharpness (beveled and single use) of our needles, it may come as news that our needle phobia is decidedly more due to the sting of the anesthetic itself rather than the prick of the needle. Add to that the occasions when an injection does not result in “comfortably numb”, thereby requiring an additional injection, and we have one of those “adding insult to injury” type of experiences. You have always been wonderfully complementary and grateful for my painless injection techniques and until recently, we did not have a method towards addressing comfortably getting to numb. Those days are now behind us! The utilization of Buffered Anesthetic, in combination with my learned, practiced, gentle administration of the drug, brings a faster, more dependable onset of the “comfortably numb” effects. Alkalinization or Buffering, allows a faster onset of the local anesthetic effect while reducing the pain of the injection – quicker, more efficient, more predictable, more comfortable – GAME CHANGER! So very grateful for our partners in Research and Development who bring us this wonderful adjunct to our care.