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By Austin D. Drewyer D.D.S.
May 19, 2017
Category: Dental Technology
Tags: Cavity   CariVu   Fillings  

CariVu Cavity Detection Camera

    Until recently, x-rays have been the number one diagnostic tool for the detection of decay (caries) in areas that are not visible by sight. Advances in technology have brought new and more efficient ways of diagnosis to the table. One of the best advances is an intra-oral camera known as Cari-Vu. The Cari-Vu is a very accurate system for detecting decay, with 99% accuracy, improving the current 91% accuracy of digital   x-rays. X-rays can be somewhat limiting due to their "view" on crowded teeth and lower radiation exposures (good news, yet bad resolution!). This means that cavities can develop unnoticed in areas until a patient experiences pain or sensitivity. These questionable lesions which sometimes may be referred to as a "watch" can now be diagnosed with Cari-Vu. The camera gets a birds eye view of the tooth, shines a powerful light (near-infrared transillumination) and records the 3D picture revealing the relative density of the tooth structure. All of this is done with NO radiation.  We can tour the entire mouth in just a few minutes, and patients can watch the live monitor to see if there are any dark spots right away. X-rays can be tricky to explain, and require a trained eye to see the potential state of a tooth. The Cari-Vu has taken a lot of guesswork out of diagnosing questionable areas of decay. Additionally, the Cari-Vu shows evidence of deep cracks around silver fillings, which often signal the risk of fracture. Patients who have experienced this know all too well that once this happens they are often left with having to place a crown on that tooth. This early detection can ultimately save a tooth from potentially needing a crown, and instead be restored with a tooth colored resin filling. Now patients can be even more     in charge of their dental wellness by knowing with confidence what exactly is going on in their mouth. Treating patients with the utmost efficient, reliable, and safe technology, we feel, is the best way to treat a patient.  We are very excited to introduce this camera to our patients, and seeing is now believing.  Check out the below pictures, the top picture was taken with the CariVu camera and the picture below shows the same cavity once the tooth has been opened up.