The Diagnodent Laser Caries Detection Instrument is utilized to survey the most cavity prone surfaces of your teeth. This instrument has been developed to read the refractive/reflective laser beam "back on itself" and provide a digital and audio signal graded on the relative density of the tooth enamel. A higher number/louder noise is coincidental to decay that has demineralized or softened the enamel. The Diagnodent is an extremely accurate instrument that provides me with important information about the nature of decay on your teeth.

This is especially helpful in light of the changing nature of decay in this era of fluoride-enriched enamel. Nowadays, decay starts as a very small hole, waiting to spread until it reaches the soft under surface of tooth. The conservative restorative philosophy I embrace (I'll fill no tooth before it's time!) could run into trouble if the waiting period ended with a caved in tooth. However, the Diagnodent provides great information that allows for the detection, prevention and restoration of teeth conservatively and efficiently before more advanced troubles surface. When coupled with the tooth conserving preparation afforded with bonded, tooth-shaded resin restorations, your teeth are tended early on and beautifully all at once.