Prevention and Continuing Care

Certainly my intention is to support our patients' abilities to prevent dental disease at every stop along the way. I firmly believe that a thoroughly educated patient, one who is aware of the causative factors contributing to gum disease, decay, oral cancer and other dental traumas, will be best able to participate in their own Preventive Program.

We pride ourselves on patient education and motivation through the use of highly skilled inter-personal communication practices. We augment our dialogue skills with the use of visual aids and intraoral cameras to provide a show-tell-do review of your dental wellness profile.

Oral hygiene instruction, digital xrays at responsible care intervals, topical and prescription fluoride treatments, pit and fissure sealants and responsible and mutually agreed upon intervals between continuing care visits all contribute to the eradication of ongoing or future dental disease through appropriate preventive measures.

I am often asked how frequently should a patient go to the dentist. The answer is, it is not at all the same for everyone. Patients are susceptible to dental disease based on a formula that includes their genetic pre-disposition to disease, their immune system response to the causative factors of bacterial plaque, their diet and hygiene profiles and their personal history of dental treatment to name several factors. Therefore, it bears careful consideration of this formula in order to customize a continuing care interval that is successful for each individual. We are creating a population of patients who present very responsibly once a year and continue to experience tremendous Preventive Dental Wellness profiles. At the same time, some folks come in much more frequently to "hold on to what they've got" as best we can while their wellness slowly deteriorates.

We want our patients to achieve a level of preventive dental wellness that requires our intervention less and less. In this way, healthy patients then refer their family, friends and co-workers who wish to attain the same measure of preventive wellness. A successful formula for all!