Second Opinions

I welcome all patients who wish to appoint to consider questions regarding their dental wellness, including current plans for treatment. A cornerstone of my practice philosophy: I highly value informed patients who have a keen awareness of their dental wellness status. If I can assist you with clarification, provide ideas on alternative possibilities for treatment, or ease your trepidation and concerns regarding diagnosis and treatment, by all means come on in and we will review, together. Similarly, I invite all of my patients, once a thorough diagnosis and treatment plan options have been reviewed with me, to seek second opinions if they so desire. In this way, a patient who comes back to me for service has confidence in the plan and the provider, and their experience will be enriched through that confidence. Otherwise, if a patient discovers another practitioner who resonates with them more deeply for whatever reason, I certainly acknowledge that that may be the best situation for them to pursue care. However, because I work diligently to provide my patients with a thorough overview of all of their treatment needs and today's possibilities for alternative care, whether in my practice or at the hands of a local specialist, should a patient receive a second opinion that is widely disparate from our conference, I strongly advise a third opinion!