Specialist Referrals

In the Silver Spring area, we are truly fortunate to have available a cadre of the nation's best and brightest specialty practitioners. A dental specialist is a recognized, certified practitioner who has an advanced specialty degree in their chosen service. I maintain terrific professional relations with oral surgeons, endodontists, periodontists, pedodontists and orthodontists. The communication between our offices is crisp and clear. The open door availability that is maintained for my patients is dependable. It is never my intent to "ship my patients" around the community for this and that. However, my philosophy is such that, if the service is available in our office, I am confident no one provides better. If my patients would be best served by seeing another practitioner, that's where I will direct them! Our referring specialists have many years of experience and continuing education that inform them to be the best in the business. Moreover, they do what they do day in and day out. It is certainly a luxury for me and a true service to my patients to readily refer you to a specialist when the need arises. This leaves me to continue to perfect the skills in delivery for those services I provide in diagnosis, prevention, restoration and pain and infection control.