Your New Crown

Your tooth may be sensitive to cold or chewing over the next few to several days. However, the sensitivity should be noticeably less

as time goes on. Please do not hesitate to call if the sensitivity persists or worsens over time.

Begin routine oral hygiene immediately. Tender, bleeding gum tissue will likely respond comfortably after a few days of regular oral hygiene.

Crowns are intended to serve as the most predictably protective treatment for severely worn or broken teeth. However, crowns are not intended to keep their placement under the stress of taffy-like substances, which exert a pull-force which over time will break the cement seal retaining a crown. Although a crown may be recemented, it is wise to refrain from foods that are particularly sticky. Likewise, ice cubes, hard pretzels, and other similarly crunchy foods may break the porcelain on crowns much like they fracture natural tooth structure.